Drums in the Workplace

Drums in the Work Place is a rhythm-based team building workshop tailored towards the corporate environment. We use drumming as a fun and creative way to unite your workforce while encouraging communication, enhancing company morale, and improving leadership characteristics. Participants will use the same items performed by OSP including Buckets, trash cans, pots/pans, and many other recycled items.

A typical workshop schedule can be as followed:

Guest performance by OSP
Full group team building activity
Small group break-out session
Full group performance
Workshop length is customizable to fit within your company’s particular needs


Our school workshops are designed to give many students an opportunity to drum, while at the same time learn the importance of teamwork. Students will be challenged to multi task by using skills such as counting, listening, and watching for instruction and guidance in order to accomplish the ultimate goal, which is to perform as a whole group! Each workshop can last up to 45 minutes, with the ability to host multiple workshops consecutively. In many cases OSP has been able to work with every grade level all within one school day. 
Workshop with OSP