OSP School classes is an exciting and educational way to promote teamwork, nurture creativity and boost self-esteem among youth. We key into those three elements while implementing a variety of musical concepts. Each student gets a hands-on experience, using everyday items such as pots, pans, trash cans, and buckets.
  • Classes can be tailored to different age groups

  • A standard class is once per week, lasting about 45 minutes.

  • OSP can host both before and after-school classes.

  • The class is broken down into sessions. Each session is approximately 6-8 weeks long. However, sessions can be shortened depending on the schools budget and overall objective.

  • A student performance can be scheduled at the conclusion of each session showcasing the skills and routines learned throughout the class.


Each summer OSP hosts a special 2 day camp geared towards students 7-14 years of age. Look out for our CAMP PAGE for more details on next available camp.

 Educational Focus

Creative Expression:
Encouraging individual expression through ones emotions and imagination; to be displayed through the form of percussion.
Preparing students for their futures by training, equipping, and influencing in a positive way.
Team work:
Developing skills of working along side others, with a common goal of creating and demonstrating art.
Goal Oriented:
Challenging each individual in developing the knowledge and understanding to set and achieve goals through experience, repetition, and problem solving.